First Meeting Notes

  1. Introductions
    1. How you are feeling? Any good things? Why did you decide to come?
      1. Wilona LaDuke tonight @ 7pm- U of O EMU ballroom
      2. Vandana Shiva speaking at Lane on Monday
  • Amy- wants to connect, how to engage around advocating, make change, community
  1. Ida- curiosity, Immigration attorney, what can immigration lawyers do? Lots of work ahead in that area.
    1. Are there things the group could do to support her?
  2. Steve- Why not? Worried about rise of fascism in the west.
    1. “Sometimes the nastiest women are men” (shirt pending)
  3. Cait- Worried about direction of country/ west, wants a group to be accountable to, to keep herself doing things
  • Ashley- what activism/ volunteering can she do, for catharsis and support, collaboration
  • Katie- scared about future, looking for sense of community, reminder of good people doing good things, action beyond Facebook
  1. Zoe- in Philly, listening in to get a sense of what is happening across the country, for ideas for a gathering of her own
  2. Maria-, inspired by amazing people she knows, wants to have a safe place to come together, find out about projects, support each other, avoid complacency.
  3. Amy (Keir)- accountability, fighting complacency, how to connect with people who care about similar issues and find out about issues she doesn’t know as much about. Plot, plan. Get a chance to focus on an issue/project in depth but also stay connected to larger things going on. Work locally, but wants to find out about other levels.
  • Sophie- hang on to post-election momentum/ desire for change.
  1. Issues we are interested in
    1. Amy
      1. Racial Justice/ Civil rights
      2. Women’s rights
  • Levels of Impact
    1. Orgs to give money
    2. Volunteering (give time)
    3. Ways to learn
      1. Listening to other perspectives
        1. Impact policy
        2. Speaking up to friends/ co-workers
      2. Think about personal habbits/ where she goes and what she engages in
    4. Maria
      1. An issue on personal level, community level, state level, national level
      2. Emily’s List
        1. Getting women into politics by training, funding, etc.
      3. How to get more people involved in things that people are already doing/working on
    5. Ashley
      1. Democratic Party
        1. Working with them for midterms (2018)
        2. Calling representatives
          1. Best way to get in touch, express your opinions (support/dissent of policy)
          2. A lot of calls around Trump’s conflict of interest with business are coming in right now- could help change things.
  • Cait –> There’s an online list of numbers of reps to call about an issue of the week (or month).
    1. People seem to like the idea of using this group as a support group for phone banking reps.
    2. Deciding who to call? And about what issue?
      1. Maria posted a big document of “call” to actions- who to call, about what, and who to thank.
      2. Call your own reps (in your state)
    3. Next meeting- On a week day so we can call?
    4. Us doing it could encourage others, peer pressure others in other states.
    5. Idea of doing an activity each meeting.
  1. What’s Oregon’s specifically like?
  1. Subscribe to newspapers
    1. Holiday gifts—give everyone donations/ newspapers subscriptions only
      1. Or do it in Mike Pence’s name (Planned Parenthood)
      2. Could we make/ find a list of good organizations to do this for?
  • If able, people could budget monthly donations to organizations
  1. Climate Change
    1. Paris Accord
    2. Orgs with environmental law, green energy
    3. Mariaàorg: there’s a local chapter which is sponsoring the youth suing government
  2. Facebook v WordPress blog?
    1. Facebook, easier to access, but some people are feeling facebook adverse
    2. Since Sophie wants to make a blog so badly, we will let her.
  • Ida
    1. Media and truth
      1. People getting different information, living in bubbles
      2. How to digest media/ news? How do we get people to get a diverse media diet?
        1. Maria- can we brainstorm ideas of how to talk to trump supporters? How do we talk to them in a way that allows us to have a productive conversation?
          1. While recognizing their difficulties, challenges, why they voted as they did.
          2. Amy K.àHow to talk to co-workers, neighbors?
            1. Without compromising your own integrity.
          3. How to direct people away from fake news?
          4. Zoe- Lane County voted 63% for trump- remember who our community is, how do we have compassionate conversations with them?
          5. Amy- how do we address the needs of people falling behind/ left behind from globalization? For instance, the trade issues currently being discussed.
  • Cait- support opposition when they have a good idea
    1. Steve Bannon wants to invest in infrastructure.
      1. How do we support that good idea and help direct its implementation in a progressive way? I.e. get them to integrate green architecture, fix roads in low-income areas instead of build oil pipelines .
    2. Sophie à DNC chair Keith Ellison— Possibly supporting his appointment? (could be a powerful statement on the Democratic party’s support of Muslim Americans). How do we focus on getting the things that we do want, not just saying no to the things we don’t want.
  1. Protests-
    1. Good for showing support and being inspired
    2. Maria àAnyone interested in going up to Portland on the 21st for the inauguration protest?
      1. Carpooling? Metaphorical or literal train?
    3. Ida- Immigration
      1. Citizenship
        1. New government is not going to be encouraging green card holders to become citizens.
        2. During Bush- reduced funding to FBI to limit resources for background checks.
        3. Volunteering at clinics-
          1. Volunteers can help fill out the paperwork to facilitate applications
          2. Attorneys look over in them as well
  • Bi-lingual helps
    1. Mariaà If you are not bi-lingual, maybe encourage a friend by offering to make him or her dinner/ provide child-care while she/ he is there.
  1. Another event:
    1. Portland: refugee re-settlement fair (Sorry, I didn’t catch the name of this one)
      1. Amy K. àUU church- refugee resettlement group that meets there.
    2. Ida will provide more information about this and the volunteer clinics.
  2. Jeff sessions- voter suppression agenda.
    1. It is happening here (in Oregon) through things like poverty, race…
  3. Racism in Eugene-
    1. Mariaà Camus ridge- principle had to announce telling kids to stop harassing minorities, teasing about building a wall.
    2. Sophie à When you see evidence of a hate crime, document it and send it to Paul Ryan (Ryan denies an uptick in hate crimes since election).
  • Sanctuary City in Eugene?
    1. UO black student union demands for more inclusive/ diverse/ racially sensitive campus and other UO initiatives to create sanctuary campus.
  1. How to affect change in other states’ policy?
    1. Donate
      1. Brennan Center for Justice (voting advocacy)
      2. ACLU
      3. NAACP
  • Cait –> Focus on what is happening now v planning for what is coming
    1. How do we balance?
    2. Amy KàThinking about racism in our daily lives- our actions/assumptions/ contributions
      1. Back to learning- learning about the history of racism, how it changes
        1. [Amy K. mentioned an envent involving the Smithsonian (?), but I didn’t catch the name]
  • Amy-
    1. Attended a conference in Salem- presentation on racial welath divide
      1. The way things are, policy wise, it will take 255 (?) years for black families to achieve white family wealth (if white families capital stays constant)
      2. Look at policies through racial lenses.
        1. Eradicating student debt would increase racial gap v. making it debt free for people making under $50,000 would decrease.
      3. Amy will post the report.
    2. Action Plan
      1. What do we want this group to look like?
        1. Spread efforts, but collaborate on coming up with actions- what do we want to get done by next month, who’s going to tackle what?
          1. Come up with group goals (over all and for next month) and then figure how to divide them up.
          2. Every one is going to make calls to reps/ find out more about a local organization
            1. Think about organization we want a donation to for holiday present
              1. Also a way of reaching out, make it flexible so people can give where they feel comfortable.
            2. Keep a balance of collaborative and individualized projects
  • Could we get some lists going?
    1. List of national orgs (donation list)
    2. A volunteer list in Eugene
      1. SURGE: Showing up for racial justice
        1. White people working on racial justice
        2. Ida has a contact there
      2. Social Justice Fund Northwest
        1. Offices in Seattle and Portland
        2. Collective learning, fundraising groups on social justice issues.
      3. A call list – helpful calls to make in the next weeks.
      1. Plan for this month:
        1. Individual Actions:
          1. Research a local organization you might be interested in working in with and can share about with the group
          2. Talk to three people about holiday giving alternatives (donations to organizations, instead of material gift)
          3. Call your reps!
            1. Check the list Maria will put out for who to call in the upcoming weeks and about what.
            2. Sounds like people may be planning an informal meeting to do this together. More on time and place later (discussion or poll via facebook?)
          4. Compile Resources
            1. Collaboration on building some lists (Maria will start some Google docs):
              1. Organizations to donate to (all levels)
              2. Organizations to volunteer for (Eugene)
                1. Add, and also comment on effectiveness (positively or negatively)
              3. Numbers of representatives and issues to address
                1. This list already exists, so Maria will distribute
              4. WordPress Blog
                1. Sophie will start on this as a potential home for all of these resources!
              5. Issues for further discussion:
                1. Facebook poll for next meeting date (Either the 10th or the 17th?) – Could someone post this?
                2. Seems like people would like further/ ongoing discussion on ideas for talking to people with differing views.
  • Portland trip for inauguration protest



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