Second Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes


2nd Meeting


  1. Introductions
    1. Maria
    2. Sophie
    3. Cait
    4. Steve
    5. Ida
    6. Amy (K.)
    7. Laura
    8. Ashley
  2. What we’ve been doing this month
    1. Laura
      1. Productive conversations and breaking out of the bubble
        1. Settings:
          1. The office?
            1. Maybe too intense
          2. Podcast Laura posted on Facebook
            1. On reconciliation
            2. Take someone from work to lunch to talk
          3. Reaching across the red-blue divide
            1. By Essential Partners
            2. Laura will post on facebook
            3. Guidelines on having these conversations
          4. Living Room conversations
            1. Guide for hosting a discussion on politics/touch issues
          5. Finding people with opposing views
            1. Hi From the Other Side
              1. Website for electronic pen pals from opposing political views
              2. Could be good concert action step/ meeting activity?
  • Oregon Humanities
    1. Facilitate conversations
    2. Have some upcoming conversations in Eugene/Springfield at the library or Sprout
      1. Upcoming topics: How we feel about the future, Racial Justice, Immigrants and Refuges
    3. Oregon Humanities hires moderators to facilitate
    4. Laura will post on Facebook
    5. Maria- has found going to talks for education and protests, just showing up, some of the most productive actions. Aka. Concrete actions.
  1. Amy
    1. Donations, Egan
    2. New York Times Subscription
  • Her dad is giving a gift to Planned Parenthood for her for Christmas and asked for a donation to them in return!
  1. Cait
    1. Knight Foundation is matching donations to news sources till the end of the year, like ProPublic
      1. She will post on Facebook.
    2. Oregonian does not have easy subscription access. Has anyone figured out how to subscribe?
      1. State of Register Guard
        1. Pretty dismal. Other local news sources?
      2. Feeling in Limbo
        1. Speculation v Getting Worried
        2. Maria- building a foundation right now is important, learning how to do this stuff
  • Upcoming Non-violent Direct Action Class (Cait posted on Facebook) through
  1. Maria/Sophie
    1. Sanctuary City
      1. Rally
        1. Only about 30 people there- We need more!
        2. Human Rights Commission
          1. Usually about 10 people attend
          2. This month 175 showed up to testify about Sanctuary City
  • Was petitioning city council to pass city ordinance to make Eugene a sanctuary city.
  1. Oregon is currently a sanctuary state
    1. No Oregon money goes to immigration persecution
    2. But state level laws are easier to overturn then city-wide laws, so important to get it on the books.
  2. City Council Meeting
    1. Fascinating experience
    2. We should always be sending a NWR rep
      1. Because there are only a few number of people that show up. If you show up, it definitely gives you a platform for speaking.
      2. Can coordinate when we need more people to show up.
    3. Laura- On city council website there is a tentative working agenda
      1. At 7 you can start signing up, so get there early!
    4. Let’s make a twitter account for the group—Then we can live tweet city council 😛
    5. An example where just showing up/ being another body there makes a difference.
  3. Surge
    1. Showing Up For Racial Justice
    2. We were only able to stay for the first hour, which was orientation.
    3. We are planning on going again for the whole thing
    4. Several committees working on different issues
    5. Maria has reservations about concept-
      1. A group for only white people? Is this beneficial?
      2. What about NAACP?
        1. Ida/Amy have been to some events, are on email list.
        2. MLK Day March, beginning of January! Speakers and Marching. They asked NWR if we wanted to have a banner in the march!!
  • Ida volunteers to check out find out more about NAACP.
  1. People are well-intentioned. More information to see how well organized they are.
  2. Maria will post the orientation material online.
  3. Little Hands Can (a nonprofit to get kids involved in volunteering) founder Miriam
    1. interested in developing a kids social justice program.
    2. Could be a way to provide child care and education/ way to combat increased bullying.
  4. Try to work with people at every level
    1. Even if you are a beginner at thinking about racism.
  • Also attended Vandana Shiva/ Winona LaDuke talks
    1. Rejuvenating, energizing, motivating
    2. Both women came from ancient cultures that have gone through a lot worse shit than Donald Trump, and have come back, kept going, kept fighting.
  1. Upcoming: Ta-Nehisi Coates Talk
    1. Wear matching shrits? 😛
    2. Coming up February 3rd.
    3. Some groups members have extra tickets.
  2. Women’s March in Portland
    1. Saturday, January 21st
    2. Have meeting before hand to make signs?
    3. March in Eugene and Portland.
    4. Delegation from NWR will be heading up to Portland
      1. Possible AirBnB group rental?
      2. Maybe Facebook poll to gauge interest.
        1. Will be booking on Friday
        2. Serious interest only, please!
      3. Itinerary
        1. A speaker and a march… Still getting organized
        2. Starts by Portland Saturday Market
        3. “A show of love and support”
      4. Creating a Monthly Action Plan
        1. Excited for people to get plugged in to different groups.
        2. Maria made a template
        3. Helps to pick a couple of things you can check off.
        4. Could print some off to bring to meetings if people are interested.
        5. Also- interest in making thank you cards at meetings?
  • Maria emailed Planned Parenthood, but they haven’t gotten back to her.
  • Tips for dealing with off-hand racist comments?
  1. Cait/Steve
    1. Set up some occurring donations, made some rep calls, Egan
    2. Steve
      1. Talked to parents about making donations for the holidays
        1. Suggested doing something local for his parents in Eugene or Philly.
      2. Egan
      3. Calls
  • Cait
    1. Her mom made a donation to Egan, they are going to make a donation to White Bird.
    2. Have a plan to make a donation on behalf of their holiday get-together.
    3. Emailed Democratic Party of Lane County
      1. Haven’t gotten back to her except for donation request
    4. Making calls to reps
      1. Understanding the spreadsheet
        1. Put a link on the calendar every Monday to Google Doc as a reminder.
        2. Some past topics: Standing Rock, CIA investigation into election, asking for Aid to Aleppo
        3. Cait has chosen to not make some of the calls, when she didn’t know as much about or didn’t feel as strongly about the issue
        4. Call district office
      2. Calls add to the statistics.
  • Really concrete action and powerful!
  1. Stressful, but worth it!!!
  2. Call after hours, leave a message, if you would like.
  1. Ashley- Eugene weekly has an activist alert for things to show up for
  2. Amy- Weekly also had a holiday donation guide.
  3. Ashley
    1. Emailed some organizations
      1. Climate change orgs, looking for something consistent
      2. Next Gen, Solar Oregon,, Bureau of Land Management,
  • Sophie- Maybe check out Beyond Toxics.
  1. Indivisible: A Guide To Resisting The Trump Years
    1. Ida posted this on Facebook
    2. On how to replicate Tea Party tactics.
      1. Ashley will read it through and give a report.
      2. Local initiatives, getting involved in local politics to make a big noise.
  • Talked to her parents about donations instead of presents
  1. Switching to Washington Post rather than New York Times, after it’s better election coverage.
  1. Signing up for things
    1. Democratic Party of Lane County Facebook page
      1. Updates and events.
      2. State of City address on Jan. 4
    2. Sophie Bybee
      1. Blog
        1. Calendars to subscribe to: 350.0rg calendar, humanities Oregon calendar
        2. Twitter feeds to subscribe to: Ron Wyden, Jeff Merely.
      2. Ida
        1. Immigration Rally/March
          1. Jan. 14th in Salem
          2. On Facebook
        2. Inquired into naturalization events
        3. Egan
      3. Moving Forward
        1. Upcoming Events
          1. SURGE
          2. City Council
  • class
  1. Oregon Humanities
  2. Next NWR Meeting – 28th or 29th of Jan?
  3. Arts and Crafts meeting to make signs for Portland March— Sign making party?! To get pumped about the march!! On Sunday, Jan 1 5? @Caitlin’s House.
  1. Make the above list as a poll to see who is going to what.
  2. Maria will make poll and look at dates and time and pin it for the month

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