Call Your Reps: 1/23-1/29

Make Your Calls:

  • Jeff Merkley, 202-224-3753
  • Ron Wyden, 202-224-5244

I’m <______>, a constituent. I’m <an educator / a parent / an advocate for education> and I want <Senator ____ or the Commitee> to stop Betsy DeVos’s confirmation. DeVos doesn’t have an education degree or even teaching experience. Rather, she’s a powerful donor who advocates for school choice, which is useless without regard for school quality. Instead of specializing in pedagogy or curriculum, DeVos’s skillset is commandeering public funding for private education. She was a key player in shaping the Michigan charter school system, which is severely lacking in oversight, demanding little accountability for how tax dollars are spent or how well students are educated. I don’t want to see the same thing happen nationally, and I expect <Senator ______ or the Committee> to take a stand for quality education. America’s students and teachers deserve better than DeVos!


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