Third General Meeting Notes


Nasty Women Revolution: 3rd Meeting

  1. Maria, Sophie, Amy (K.), Ashley, Amy, Cait, Ida, Alice, Elaina
  2. Debrief of the last Month
    1. Coates Talk
      1. Muslim ban
        1. Race-making- people become a race after the act of discrimination
        2. Arab Americans are advocating for a race box on the census, in order to document what is happening to you.
        3. Race is the child of racism, not the other way around
      2. U of O athletics
        1. Making millions off of black bodies
      3. Reparations
      4. The institution of homeownership and similarities with the institution of slavery
    2. 3org Workshop
      1. Action Planning
        1. Maria and Amy
        2. Ally-O-Meter
          1. People you can influence, people involved
          2. Elliot forest
            1. Active allies, passive allies, neutral, passive opponents, active opponents
            2. In order to win, make neutral people passive, make passive active… But you don’t need to do anything to the opposition
            3. Teacher organizations and native organizations opposing, because of where proceeds would go
            4. Pick a target- the decision maker
              1. List all person, public, financial, VIP influences
                1. Then attempt to influence the people around the main decision maker
              2. Take a picture of people at protests and then send it to them to encourage them to post it on social media
  1. Travel Ban Rally in Eugene
    1. Ashley, Cait, Amy, Ida, Sophie, Laura
    2. 1,000 people showed up
    3. Students, refugees, and Muslim center reps spoke
    4. GTFF’s were fairly disruptive and disrespectful- chanting while speakers were talking and then marched away by themselves
    5. Good interspersing chants into the speakers
  2. Sanctuary district 4j
    1. Amy and Laura
    2. Good turn out
    3. Another one on the 15th
    4. Voting on a draft of the resolution next week
    5. Decided to go with weaker wording than some activists were hoping
  3. Sanctuary City
    1. Task force has been put together, will give a draft to city council to vote on when ready
    2. Need to keep pressure on Eugene government to make sure it keeps moving forward Sanctuary City
  4. City Council Meeting
    1. Amy, Cait, Maria, Sophie
    2. Large group of business people complaining about homeless
    3. Good to sit in the middle, and up front so city councilors can see what your reaction is. Important to speak when you go so you make a difference.
    4. Starts at 730, but show up at 7 to sign up to speak.
    5. Visual cues that show support/ identification with a movement/issue are really helpful (buttons, shirts, stickers)
    6. City rental housing code
      1. Passed to keep it in
      2. Delegation is planning on going- Monday @ 7
        1. So if people want to get together to talk about what we want to say
      3.  City commission openings
        1. Taking applications through March
        2. Several commissions with openings
        3. Some NWRers should think about applying?
  5. Calling Reps
    1. More powerful when calls come from the district
    2. Voicemail boxes are really full
      1. It’s hard to get through
      2. Call local
  6. Resist Trump Tuesdays
    1. Sophie
    2. Stand on the intersection by court house w/ protest signs
  7.  NAACP, Eugene
    1. Ida went and met with president of NAACP
    2. Volunteered to be liaison local and state rep.
    1. Amy and Amy went to SURJ
      1. List the presentations in advance, so you can pick and choose which ones to go to
      2. Effectiveness is still in question
        1. Did breathing exercises
        2.  A welcoming space, though.
        3. Not a lot of time at the end for the committees.
        4. Good place to hear what’s going on
  8.  Our Revolution
    1. Ida
    2. Every Saturday @ 11 on 8th
    3. Jim Couples- works for software company doing digital analysis for left candidates
      1. Encouraging women to run for office
  9.  Actions this month
    1. City Commissions
      1. Selection: city commission picks top applicants, then city council picks
      2. Could someone look more into this?
    2. Banks and pipelines
      1. Banks are very image focused, so could be a good target for lobbying them to divest from DAPL and Exon
      2. Seattle just divested 3 million dollars from Wells Fargo, for this reason
        1. Where does city of Eugene bank? Could we start lobbying for this to change? This could be a good NWR project.
        2. There are 19 banks funding them
          1. Call the CEO
          2. Take out your money and post a picture on social media of you doing so!
          3. Protest the banks
          4. Maria is going to research alternative banks and credit cards (credit unions are pretty good for this, maybe REI?).
  10. Letter Writing Party
    1. Effectiveness of letters v. calls?
    2. If we can’t get are calls to go through…
    3. Postcards? Do they have to read these?
    4. Cait’s offered to host, and make a facebook event
    5. Amy can bring some pre-stamped postcards
  11. Immigration Ban
    1. Trump the CEO of America
  12. Local Stuff
    1. Non-profit: VITALS
      1. Helping low-income immigrants
      2. Training, advocacy, and legal services
      3. Always looking for volunteers, especially Spanish speaking
  13.  Salem rally for immigrants march on state capitalsSunday the 19th
    1. Have poster board on hand to make quick signs
    2. Laminate for reuse
  14. General Strike
    1. The 17th
    2. No work and no buying things
    3. If people have more info…
  15. Science March
  16. Tax Return March
  17. 350 seems like one of the more active/effective groups in Eugene
  18. T-shirts
    1. Let’s get a design
  19. Mission Statement

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