Event Reflection: Advancing the Rights of Nature in Your Community Talk

This talk was put on by Community Rights and given by Sharron Biggs, an activist from the Bay Area. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed, but this is because I was expecting a step by step guide on how to make it possible to sue on the behalf of nature in Eugene (currently, anywhere in the U.S., you only have standing to sue if you are directly negatively impacted by someone’s actions- so there’s no suing on the behalf of anyone or thing). However, Ms. Biggs focused more on anecdotal evidence from her experiences to promote the general idea that nature should have rights enshrined in law. On the positive side, going to the talk did give me another goal. Get rights of nature enshrined in Eugene’s… Does Eugene have a city constitution? Charter? Bill of Rights? Whatever it is. Get some concrete rights for nature in there. The reps from Community Rights who opened seemed somewhat disorganized, but a Community Rights work group is starting to try and advance the rights of nature in Eugene. They’ll be meeting at the Grower’s Market at 6 on Mondays. BYOB.



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