Event Reflection: Ron Wyden Town Hall


Democracy is boring. It’s time consuming. And it’s essential. I’m not sure if we came away with any information or plans of action that we didn’t have before going. But it definetly felt important to show up and show support for Sen. Wyden, and to thank him for all the hard and fierce work he has been doing recently. For future town halls, I think we’ve learned to show up with questions and sign up to speak no matter what. If someone asks your question before you, then just pass. But  if, as at yesterday’s event, the questions are vague and aren’t seeming to get at the issues that are important to you, then it is absolutely worth having a chance to speak (it was a lottery system, so we didn’t actually get to ask a question). Also, people brought  green paper signs that said “agree” and red paper signs that said “disagree,” which seems like a useful practice.


2 thoughts on “Event Reflection: Ron Wyden Town Hall

  1. I have to admit I was disappointed in Wyden and the event. It seemed like a big pep rally for the faithful without a lot of insight on the realities of being a Democratic Senator in a Republican DC. I did take a ticket to ask a question but didn’t get called, though we did leave a little early. I was going to ask a question on immigration; did that come up? Glad I went, not sure I’ll do it again though.


    1. Wyden said he had time for one more question and everyone started shouting, “Immigration!” He responded by talking about his opposition to religion tests, but didn’t tackle the issue of deportation.


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