Divest Eugene from DAPL To-Do List

This is the to-do list that came out of our call with Mazaska Talks. If you are able to tackle one of the agenda items, great! Just leave a comment so we can keep track of what’s been done, how it went, and what follow-up might be needed.

Goal: Pass a Eugene ordinance that states Eugene will not accept contracts with banks, organizations, individuals, or other entities that do not follow socially responsible practices, such as investing in DAPL. This will mean that Eugene will not be able to renew their contract with US Bank (an indirect financier of DAPL).

Next steps

  1. Contact Native Communities
    1. and other allies for coalition building
  2. Email DivestYourCity.Org with contact info so they can put us in touch with any other people who are interested in working on this issue.
  3. Read through Seattle Ordinance
  4. Find out what social justice language/ ordinances already exist in city code around contracts
  5. Find out info on banks
    1. Call Eugene finance people/city manager
      1. Find out about Eugene’s contract w/ US Bank (when is the contract up, etc.)
      2. What criteria does a bank need to meet in order for Eugene to be able to bank there.
    2.  Research US Bank
      1. What other things do they invest in?
      2. What illegal activity have they done?
    3. Research alternatives
      1. What banks could/should Eugene invest in
  6. Figure out which city commission would handle this/ who we should be getting in contact with (email different commissions)
  7. Contact Emily Semple, Allen Zalenka, and Claire Syrett to request meetings
  8. Research forming a public bank
  9. Contact committee member on Portland’s Social Responsible Investments Committee

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