Fourth General Meeting Notes


  1. A Day Without A Woman
    1. March 8th
    2. Not going to work?
      1. Maria and Cait are striking
    3. Meet on Wednesday to talk about some resistance stuff
    4. Go to Rush Hour Resistance?
      1. Hold Women signs
    5. Divest Eugene from US Bank
      1. Work on the 8th?
      2. Email city councilor (Emily and/or Claire)
        1. Ask them to bring it up
      3. Portland shamed by Seattle
        1. Mayor came out in support
        2. But still working on it
      4. Eugene has divested investments but not city finances
      5. Sophie, Maria, Cait sat in on a conference call w/ Seattle divest people
      6. Eugene Standing Rock Facebook group
      7. March 10th– Native Nations March on Washington
        1. Sister city march?
      8. Met with leaders
    6. Little Hands Can Curriculum
      1. Service learning for kids
      2. Maria, Amy, and Sophie have some connections with Miriam, the founder, is interested in beefing up her social justice kids curriculum.
    7. Events
      1. March 6th– NOW meeting at 6 (National Organization of Women).
      2. Democratic Socialists meeting on Friday
        1. Splinter group in democratic party
        2. Ashley’s going
  • Will post event on facebook
  1. Work session on Public Shelter
    1. City Council is going on break on March 15th
    2. April 26th @ noon work session
  2. NAACP
    1. Next general meeting, March 15th @ 5:30
  3. Letter Writing Day
    1. Hosted by Cait, probably four a clock
    2. Next Sunday?
    3. Also plan for Sanctuary city rally the next day
  4. Researching a good bank?
    1. OCC?
    2. Public bank?

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