Protection for Individuals [Sanctuary City] Passes in Eugene!

3.13 City Council


Public Forum



Wednesday work session on 1000 ft buffer

Cons: protection from new local entrepreneurs because shortage of retail space.


Nightingale Health Sanctuary and Rest stop expansion:

Don’t relocate- causes too much turmoil. Current rest stops in order to re-distribute rest stop balance throughout city w/o notice and more resources to advertise



Disappointed in dog ban

Need housing, need to help/deal with this now.

Rest stops- removed sunset provision

Rest stop in every ward

Need to move on this.

We need tv PSAs and work groups in every ward.

Right to Know:

Endorse House bill 26/69 [] for environmental protection in Eugene

Toxic Reporting and Right to Know

Send rep to hearing on Monday

Polluter Pays

Eugene already has this, expand it to state level


Downtown Safety

Future efforts should focus on exposing access not banning people

More public restrooms and shelters

Open drug deals outside court house on Saturdays


Parks and Open Spaces

Don’t increase taxes to pay for Parks and Open Spaces because they aren’t doing an effective job cleaning up river front. First increase taxes to pay for homeless services.


Councilor Comments


Semple: No public forums for six weeks, so thanks see you then.


Syrett: Responding to Nightingale health sanctuary relocation (Mission has offered to host it). Whittaker has requested it be moved because it was proposed to be a temporary program. We do need to address homelessness simultaneously w/ park and space bond.


Vinis: Are looking for places for rest stops. And are looking for places, costs of public shelter.


7:55- approve consent calendar


7:56- Granite Properties Resolution Amendment

clarify ambiguity in tax law for property owners

affects Olive street housing apartments

All approve (5 of councilors present)

Sorry. I don’t really understand the issue here. You’ll have to look it up.


7:58 Withdrawing territories from service districts.

Emergency clause.



8:00 Public Hearing on Capital Improvement Program

6-year plan for capital investments 62 million dollars. Projects you want done?

No discussion or hearing.

Adopt as recommended by the budget commission.

4 in favor. Semple opposed.


8:02: Public Hearing on Limiting Resources for immigration and Collection of Certain Information

Start out with opposition- people deserve to be deported. Another in opposition refused to sit down after two minutes.

In support: ACLU (this is legal and necessary), ESL instructors, Human Rights Commission, Reps from Willamette Valley Student Union,  NOW, United Methodist Church,

Pass this, but we need to expand it to cover more groups (three out of five of state provisions)


Councilor Comment


Zelenka: Strongly support. About separation of powers. Immigration laws are for only federal government only. We will arrest people if they’ve committed a crime with a warrant. Also prohibits collection about civil groups and religious views.


Prior: At November HRC. Support full heartedly. Symbolic and right. Rule of law has been wrong before. We know this is right.


Syrett: Our ordinance does not violate any federal law. We are upholding rule of law, local law which directs how we use our resources. This ordinance directs police not to act as federal agents. This is a human rights imperative.


Semple: Votes Yes.


Clark: Thank to everyone. Rule of law is important. It makes everyone equal. But disagrees with Mr. Morison (opposition). This is about separation of powers. A lot of his constituents emailed him disagreeing with sanctuary, but he doesn’t think they understand. He won’t stand for making lists of people’s beliefs, etc. He thinks America is made great because people can believe any crazy thing they want.


Vinis: Thank you for everyone’s passion and engagement.


Vote: Prior, Semple, Zelenka, Syrett, Clark IN FAVOR




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