Eugene Divest/ Socially Responsible Ordinance Meeting 3/23/17


Eugene Divest/ Socially Responsible Ordinance Meeting

  1. What to include in ordinance
    1. Socially responsible committee?
      1. Or is that a separate ordinance
      2. Portland Model
        1. How effective is it? How much policy power do they have? (Portland still banked with Wells Fargo)
        2. Perhaps not tracking depository services
        3. Future step: Let’s reach out to someone on this committee to find out how effective it has been.
        4. Could the committee role be filled by one of the existing Eugene commission?
          1. Sustainability commission and Human Rights commission could add creating and tracking “no-buy” companies to their agendas.
    2. Socially Responsible Banking
      1. Seems like committee and banking would go hand and hand.
      2. Ordinance on banking might be easier to pass first, and pave the way for the committee to form as a support for it OR would it render the committee redundant?
      3. Seattle has a clause that says city council can ignore the ordinance if it’s in the best interest of the city.
      4. Seattle might be the best template.
        1. Strengthening” language from a previous ordinance.
        2. Seattle’s 20%
        3. Must value environmental/social considerations 20% (when comparing to financial considerations)
  2.  Other groups to form coalition with
    1. SOJUST
    2. Socially Responsible Committee
  3. Resources/Citations we need for our new ordinance:
    1. Eugene city code
      1. What currently exists as our contract requirements? What would we need to add to this?
    2. Triple Bottom Line Framework
      1. Think about economic, environmental, and social health
      2. Used as a tool for policy analysis
      3. Not a resolution, ordinance, etc.
      4. Maybe for our ordinance, we should give social equity, environmental justice, etc. a certain weight (like 20%) if using the triple bottom line analysis
      5. Vague language for what TPL needs to be used for
    3. Eugene’s Support for Standing Rock ordinance (5171)
      1. Declares Eugene support of Standing Rock and opposition to DAPL
      2. Other Eugene resolutions about social responsibility?
    4. Climate Recovery Ordinance
      1. Sustainability commission was implemented to enforce/ monitor this
        1. Commission has requested we bring the Seattle city ordinance to their next meeting (the third Wednesday of next month)
        2. Has a Triple Bottom Line analysis requirement for new policies.
        3. Ask to amend the CRO to include Triple Bottom Line analysis for new contracts, etc. or amended contract section of city code to include triple bottom line framework?
          1. And give Triple Bottom Line an economic weight for consideration
          2. Possibly a retroactive clause?
            1. Review all city contracts and make sure they meet these new guidelines.
    5.  Eugene resolution for reducing greenhouse gasses under Clean Air Act
    6. Seattle ordinance
      1. What can we copy directly from it?
      2. What would we need to amend?
      3. See Seattle Ordinance edited for Eugene
      4. Format of different ordinances
        1. Seattle’s has a justification
        2. Others don’t, though
        3. Do we need to list US Bank’s crimes?
    7. Seattle Resolution 3125
      1. Resolution that Seattle ordinance is more directly based off of.
      2. Is there a Eugene equivalent? Likely the closest is Triple Bottom Line.
    8. Eugene’s Divestment from Fossil Fuels Resolution (5109)
      1. Put forward by Alan Zelenkna
      2. Urged short term fund board, among others, to divest in the next five years
      3. City doesn’t have direct investments (they are done through the state), but urged Oregon to divest
      4. Eugene does not presently invest in any fossil fuel companies, and now will make sure not to in the future
    9.  Human Rights Ordinance (No. 20481)
      1. Created Human Rights Commission
      2. National Economics and Social Rights Initiative
        1. How to align your city’s budget with human rights principals  (Human Rights Commission meets on third Tuesday of each month.)
  4. Eugene protests against DAPL
    1. November 15th 2016
    2. October 28th 2016
    3. 2/1/17
    4. 3/10/17
    5. 1/26/17
  5. Questions
    1. Who should we approach?
      1. Councilors? Commissioners? Everybody?
    2. Who is the Eugene equivalent of the Mayor and Director of Finance and Administrative Services? (ask city treasurer)
      1. Who signs contracts in Eugene?
    3. Does Eugene have a non-discrimination in benefits ordinance, equality in contracting, or socially responsible banking ordinance?
      1. Could we substitute Triple Bottom Line, CRO….?
    4. Is the Triple Bottom Line anywhere in city code besides the CRO?
    5. What’s going on with Oregon divestment?
    6. How much is in Eugene’s account with US Bank? (ask city treasurer)
    7. What alternative banks are viable, what requirements would a bank need to meet to get Eugene’s contract? (ask city treasurer)
  6. US BANK Dirt
    1. $270 million in DAPL
    2. Lending $175 million to Energy Transfer Families
    3. Lending $100 million to Sunoco Logistics
    4. Trustee to FTS International for $500 million
    5. 2 Billion in securities issued to Spectra Enbridge and subsidiaries
    6. 2014- 200 million settlement w/ US for violating FHH on mortgage loans.
      1. Contributed to home foreclosures in 2008
    7. 2012- 55 million settlement for improper overdraft fees
    8. 28 million settlement w/ government for force place insurance for home loans
    9. 13 million to LA for letting foreclosed homes go into disrepair
    10. Religious groups in African American communities were protesting US Bank because of US Bank’s investment in Payday America (predatory lenders)
    11. Google search: US Bank Settlements
    12. Said they were going to cut back on coal and mining… Nothing about tar sands
  7. Alternatives to US Bank
    1. Credit Union? Public Bank?
    2. Should we suggest and alternative or just ask them to find an alternative?
    3. We want local options looked at first
      1. Perhaps include this in Triple Bottom Line Framework? Or in whatever ordinance we create- to make local options first a more general requirement.
  8. After Eugene
    1. Lane County
    2. Oregon
    3. UO
  9. Prep for next time
    1. Answer “Questions”
      1. Email city treasure (Meesha will tackle this)
      2. Email Jim of (Maria will tackle this)
    2. Look up Eugene ordinances corresponding to Seattle ordinances as listed on pages 6-11 of Seattle ordinance: (Sophie will tackle this)
      1. City Code Chapter 20.50
      2. Ch. 20. 60
      3. Ch. 20.46
    3. Specifically contact native groups to come to next meeting,
  10. Agenda for next time
    1. 15 minute presentation on what we’ve done so far, lingering questions, different options (different people to approach, amend CRO? Triple Bottom Line? Write our own? A committee?)
    2. 45 minutes discussion
    3. Work on writing ordinance
    4. Brainstorming ways to get community support
      1. Coalition building
      2. Protests, petitions
      3. Indigenous group involvement
  11. May is global divestment month
    1. Get some things in place to feed into this national campaign

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