Seattle v Eugene City Code (Before Seattle’s Divestment Ordinance)

Notes on Seattle City Code
City Code Chapter 20.50– laws for proposed “Contract for Consultant” services
“Departments shall select Consultants based on factors including, but not limited to, their competence and qualifications for the type of services to be provided, the consideration the City will pay for such services…, and the affirmative action/equal opportunity record of the Consultant.”
“Department heads shall appoint and use a Consultant evaluation committee that should include, where practical, representation by women and minorities.”
Ch. 20. 60– The Director [of Finance and Administrative Services] is authorized to enter into cooperative agreements with any government agency to share contracts or competitive solicitation results, and may execute or amend such contracts as needed to incorporate City terms and conditions.
The Director shall competitively solicit purchases of Goods and/or Services estimated to cost more than the Competitive Solicitation Threshold for the calendar year.
In determining the lowest and best bidder, the Director may consider factors such as quality, delivery terms, and service reputation of the vendor.
Ch. 20.46– “to ensure to the maximum extent practicable that the City’s contracting practices support conducting City business with partners who are committed to… engaging in fair and responsible business practices AND avoid conducting City business with partners that engage in criminal or systematic deceptive, fraudulent, or abusive business practices.

In Eugene city code:
2.1400- Public Contracts – City Policy.
“It is the policy of the city in adopting public contracting regulations to utilize public contracting practices and methods that maximize the efficient use of public resources and the purchasing power of public funds”
“the city council reserves to itself the exercise of all of the duties and authority of a contract review board under state law”

    2.1415 Public Contracts – Authority of Purchasing Agent. –
-Give preference to goods and services that have been manufactured or produced in the State of Oregon if price, fitness,availability and quality are otherwise equal;
-Give preference to goods that are certified to be made from recycled products when such goods are available, can be substituted for non-recycled products without a loss in quality

2.1425 Public Contracts – Process for Approval of Special Solicitation Methods and Exemptions

(2) Basis for Approval: exemption from competition must be based upon a record before the city council that contains findings to support the reason that approval of the request would… substantially promote the public interest in a manner that could not practicably be realized by complying with the solicitation requirements that would otherwise be applicable under these regulations

(3) Hearing. (a) The city shall approve the special solicitation or exemption after a public hearing before the city council

4.625 Human Rights – Fair Employment Practice Provisions in City Contracts – Contractors with City of Eugene must comply with non-discrimination hiring and environment practices (protected classes: Age, Color, Disability, Ethnicity, Familial status (whether you have custody of children or are pregnant), Gender, Marital or Domestic partner status, National origin, Race, Religion, Sexual orientation (actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality), Source of income)


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