Divest Eugene Meeting Notes 3/30/17

  1. Gaining public support
    1. Advertising
    2. Free food event
  2. Some new Eugene City Code info
    1. See https://nastywomenrevolution.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/seattle-v-eugene-city-code-before-seattles-divestment-ordinance/
    2. Fix financial value to local goods
    3. Already city code states sometimes public interest is more important than money
  3. Portland Divest update
    1. Portland trying to pass a similar divestment bill to Eugene’s symbolic divestment from fossil fuels
    2. Attempting to dissolve socially responsible committee
      1. After committee attempted to add Wells Fargo to no buy list
      2. Give their jurisdiction to city treasurer
    3. City pays for subscription to environmental/social justice business database (MSCI) which the committee uses
      1. Can Eugene subscribe to this to?
      2. How much does this cost to subscribe?
        1. More difficult to pass an ordinance with financial burdens
      3. Moving forward
        1. Write an ordinance and bring it to city council
        2. Go to commissions and ask them to do this
          1. Ask city staff to investigate this possibility
          2. We can email ordinance to commission ahead of time and then present it to them at one of their meetings
  • Help coordinate movements for May (global divestment month)
  1. Human Rights Commission (April 18th) @
  2. Sustainability Commission (April 19th)
  3. Gives us about two weeks to prep ordinance and presentation
  • And then May 15 could be the presentation date to city council
    1. Could ask commissions, 350, to come and support it,
    2. Beforehand, ask city council members if they would be willing to propose a work session
  1. Shape of ordnance
    1. City manager is purchasing agent for all city contracts
    2. Socially responsible
    3. Amend contract section of city code to include requirement for triple bottom line analysis (and that gives competitive edge [by some percent]) to contractors who come out looking better under those criteria.
    4. OR amend CRO to strengthen triple bottom line
    5. Triple Bottom Line problems
      1. Is it strong enough?
      2. Amending TBL?
        1. Add Portland’s responsible company database to the TBL analysis?
  • Is this a good substitute for Seattle’s Socially Responsible Ordinance?
  1. Seattle- asks to find criteria evaluate contractors… Does Eugene TBL do this already?
    1. In Seattle Divest ordinance sub in TBL and MSCI in the section where the city is asked to come up with criteria to evaluate contracts
    2. TBL and MSCI, plus any other criteria city wants to develop
  2. This ordinance will hopefully be about citizens policing city to follow socially responsible protocols (city may break promise)
    1. Should we have an appeal process built into this ordinance?
      1. Potentially too convoluted/ distracting
      2. If citizen thinks city manager has not followed ordinance, can ask city council to review contract?
    2. Include divestment from Keystone
      1. Who are financiers of Keystone?
        1. Chase Bank?
        2. TransCanada
          1. US Bank had 47 million in stock in TransCanada (as of four weeks ago)
        3. Questions
          1. Are TBL analyses public record?
          2. For 350: How good of a tool is TBL?
          3. Who are financiers of Keystone?
          4. Contact Portland Socially Responsible Committee about cost of MSCI
          5. Ask Human Rights/sustainability commissions if one of them would be willing to go through TBL and MSCI data and make a recommendation to city about which companies are okay to use, until a separate commission is created, if it is?
            1. To make sure someone is doing the work of reviewing this information
          6. What 350.org national May Divestment Month activities are being planned?
          7. Divest or Die stickers?
        4. Ordinance edits
          1. Facts on US Bank
          2. What city code we are amending
            1. http://www.friendsofeugene.org/files/Purchasing_Ord.pdf
            2. https://www.eugene-or.gov/1354/City-Contracting
          3. Timeline
            1. Email Jim/350 about timeline (Maria)
            2. Next Meeting: 5:30 April 10th @ Harris Hall (before city council) to review ordinance draft
              1. Plan some rallies for May
            3. Email ordinance to commissions on 11th or 12th, indigenous groups, and maybe lawyer Matt… post it: ask for feedback and support.
            4. Meet with commissions 18/19th
            5. End of April:
              1. Meet with city councilors
              2. Planning meeting at end of April to pump up public about May Divestment Month
  • Get letters to the editor in Weekly and Register Guard
  1. For April 29th People’s Climate Mobilization, print pamphlet/flyers about divestment May meeting
  1. City Council Meeting May 15th
    1. Rally before council meeting
      1. Speakers- reach out to 350, indigenous groups
    2. Present the ordinance

One thought on “Divest Eugene Meeting Notes 3/30/17

  1. Thank you for attending the meeting period I think this is a powerful way to make a change. Let us know if there is boycotting of any specific business or product and we will do it.


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