Eugene Divest Meeting Notes 4/10

Eugene Divest Meeting Notes

  1. Amendments to current ordinance draft
    1. Keystone
      1. SCC, US Bank financing
    2. Adding Enbridge Energy + law suits
      1. Place in-between info on pipelines
    3. Weight for Triple Bottom Line analysis in contractor considerations
      1. Somewhat arbitrary opening offer
  1. People to email ordinance draft to
    1. Jim (tonight)
    2. Patti
    3. Matt
    4. ——– Wait to hear back
    5. SOJUST (Maria)
    6. Commissions
      1. Email HRC to ask for speak spot by tomorrow (Tuesday, April 11)
      2. Email Sustainability Commission
    7. Eugene Stands With Standing Rock (Meesha)
    8. The Oregon Effort (Meesha)
    9. Divest Eugene (Caitlin)
    10. Socially Responsible Invest Committee (Maria)
    11. org (Maria)
    12. SURJ (Maria)
    13. Ask for input/support around amended Seattle Ordinance at Sustainable Committee (April 19th). May 15th (City Council). Wear Red! There will be cookies.
  2. Presentation for Commissions
    1. Meet again before to plan our presentation?
      1. If we want to be carbon neutral, as is already in law in CRO, we will have to adapt something like this, contract only
      2. Why we need it (crimes of US BANK, pipelines, climate change, Trump), Local precedents + national precedents, what it is (quantifying enviro/social responsible + divesting US BANK), and what we’re asking them to do
      3. Meet Monday to go over/practice presentation
      4. Clear what we’re asking for
        1. Input
        2. And support at May 15th city council
        3. Asking them to propose it?
        4. Start investigating alternatives?
      5. Get some more public support for commission meetings
        1. Meesha->Water Protectors from Rosebud Reservation
        2. Might be able to testify at commission meeting
        3. Send them a draft of ordinance
      6. We need a show of public support to get them to push this through to city council @ sustainability commission!
        1. Socially responsible banking committee
        2. 350
        3. Eugene stands with standing rock
      7.   Stickers
        1. Banner + Fliers for April 29th

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