Fifth General Meeting Notes


Nasty Women Meeting Notes

  1. City Council (this Monday)
    1. Issue on the table: Housing options
    2. Housing project in South Eugene, not going anywhere
      1. Asking city council to move this project to Beltline/ north Eugene
      2. Do some planning to make a thoughtful development
    3. Come to city council to support this ask
    4. Maria is going
      1. Ashley, Sophie, and Cait are thinking about it
    5. Eugene Divests from Pipelines
      1. Maria, Cait, and Sophie have been working on this with
      2. May 15th – rally before city council
        1. We will be asking city council to use socially and environmentally just options
        2. Invite Churchill kids
        3. For those who can’t make it- email your city council member + the mayor! Or write a letter to the editor!
      3.  Our ordinance
        1. Divest from US Bank (funding tar sand pipelines)
        2. Evaluate contractors for their environmental and social responsibly, and those values will be weighted at a worth of 30% (so a more expensive bidder can be chosen if they are social/environmental responsible)
        3. see Nasty Women Revolution blog for more info
      4. We went to HRC and Sustainability commission to present
        1. Ambiguous as to how much aid Sustainability commission will be able to provide
  2. Tax Justice March
    1. Register Guard seemed to underestimate #
    2. Maria guesses 600, RG said 250
    3. Have been doing this march for many years
      1. CALC organizes
    4. No chants
      1. Except for Maria and Sophie
      2. This made Maria and Sophie want to make “chant cheat sheets” to remember them
    5.  No bullhorns
    6. They did have the Eugene Samba band
      1. Gave march a festive feel
  3. How to proceed as activists?
    1. Where are the 25-40 year olds in the activism scene?
    2. How to maintain momentum
      1. Stumbling blocks: city gov bureaucracy, city manager (unelected, high paid official, who is basically running things with limited input from city council)
        1. Some people beginning to try and change
          1. Bonnie (previous city council member
        2. Other formats: strong mayoral power, strong city council power
  4.  Other Eugene happenings
    1. Elections
      1. 4j school board elections
        1. Jerry
          1. UO professor, Marxist
          2. Biggest problem is fight Besty DeVos on local level
          3. Education department
            1. Research on racism in schools
          4. Judy Newman
            1. Worked 20 years in education policy
            2. Politically savvy
            3. Biggest problem for schools is not having money
            4. Co-director of Easy Cares program
          5. Mary Lighton
            1. Phd in education, worked as teacher for 20
          6. LCC board positions
            1. Two democrats running
              1. One worked on Obama’s campaign in 2004/2008
                1. And in Department of Education
                2. She’s young
              2. The other wants to win because she is from Florence
        2. Already replaced lane county commissioner
        3. George Polling’s seat (Ward 4)
          1. “Homeless people are trash”
          2. Applications for position due May 19th
          3. He’s a democrat (WTF?!)
  5. Amy and Katie have been working on their donations
  6. Ashley hopes to be getting involved with Health Care for all Oregon
  7. Eugene Dog Ban
    1. Made international news
      1. The Guardian
        1. “Oregon city’s dog ban condemned as crackdown on homeless people”
  8.  Ida’s news
    1. A Syrian man who spoke at immigration ban rally- his family has not been able to come over… they’ve been separated for several years
    2. UCC (who does a lot of refugee work) asked Ida to work on the case
    3. His wife and two sons arrived last week!
  9.  Take Back the Night
    1. Next Thursday (27th)
    2. Starts at EMU
  10.  Science March (tomorrow)
  11.  Climate Mobilization March
    1. Next weekend – the 29th
      1. Community college tuition grant
      2. Originally intended for middle income folks
      3. Upcoming debates on cost controls
  12. Oregon Promise (update from Amy)
    1. Community college tuition grant
    2. Originally intended for middle income folks
    3. Upcoming debates on cost controls









One thought on “Fifth General Meeting Notes

  1. Loved the meeting notes! Everything from the clever name Beastie DeVos to Maria’s wanting to have crib notes for chants, great idea by the way, you women have this together. I am also very interested to know what activism the 25 to 40 age group is involved in, if any and how that could be promoted. It is true that it was my generation that has messed things up royally but hope to see you smart young things in the problem-solving mode.Thank you for your service!!!!!!! Warmly, Janet

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