Other Eugene Action Groups

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35o.org Eug is on it! We’ve found that 350 is everywhere and involved in everything. They organize workshops and lectures, coordinate with other groups in Eugene, and, especially important, have strong ties to city government, which helps boost their effectiveness in getting things done.


surjThe Eugene SURJ chapter is a welcoming place, ready to start with white people where ever they are in the racial justice process. They also keep up to date on a lot of the happenings around Eugene, so their email list is a good place to find out about rallies and events. They seem to lean towards being a support system in the community and for their members versus taking direct action.


screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-10-42-37-pm At the Eugene/Springfield NAACP chapter  primary activities include implementation of education programs and events for public awareness and community building. The Eugene Springfield NAACP also coordinates institutional collaborations to increase cultural inclusion.