Call Your Reps

Here are three sites to help you make calls to your representatives: The 65 (formerly the “We’re His Problem Now” Google doc), 5 Calls (started by the organizers of the Women’s March), and the official Democratic Party online phone bank.


The 65

All election cycle, Donald Trump has been our problem. Now, we’re HIS PROBLEM, and since Congress serves us, SO ARE THEY. “We’re His Problem Now” uses a weekly call to action format and will provide you with an issue of the week, a script, and the numbers for your representatives.




5 Calls

Turn your passive participation into active resistance. 5 Calls provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy, uses your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact, and allows you to pick which issue you would like to call on.






Democratic Party Phone Bank

Calling your senators and representatives is one of the most effective ways to have an impact on their decisions. The Democratic Party Phone Bank focuses on calling Republicans only, so you will get the numbers for your most local Republican representatives (if you are an Oregonian, you will be given Sen. McConnell’s and Rep. Ryan’s numbers- unless you live in Walden’s district. Then you’ll get his number too). You will also be provided with some talking points and a follow up email.




Past Issues

1/23- 1/29berinstienbetsy

Continue to Protest Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation as Michael Moore urged in his address at the Women’s March







This week we are continuing to call about the senate confirmation hearings, as well as health care.




SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS. Call your senators and let them know you want them to #BlockSessions because you don’t trust him to uphold civil and human rights for ALL Americans. Let them know you want them to #BlockTillerson because his relationships with Exxon and Russia are conflicts of interest. Tell them that they need to take a stand for public education and #BlockDeVos.



Congress is on recess this week. Why not direct your energy to important legislative actions at the state level. For this week’s CTA, we encourage you to explore phone-banking opportunities for the upcoming special elections in the Virginia state legislature.




Call your representatives and party leadership to request that they make a public statement re: the CIA’s secret assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential election.