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Occupy Medical 

We at Occupy Medical are a group of dedicated health care professionals and support personnel who believe health care is a basic human right that must be made accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Especially looking for volunteers who are able to give several month commitment.




Egan Warming Center
The Egan Warming Center is a coalition of community members representing service providers, religious congregations, nonprofit support agencies, social activist communities and local government who have come together to ensure that homeless people in Lane County have a warm and safe place to sleep when temperatures drop below 30 degrees between November 15th and March 31st.




Helios Resource Network

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Eugene, OR. Promoting community livability by empowering local groups and businesses working toward sustainability.




Get Involved Eugene

Groups or organizations that typically use volunteers to do their work, as well as any other group that gets together for any reason, be it activist groups, recreational groups, political parties, neighborhood groups or whatever. If it is a group that the general public is able to join or get involved with, it is hopefully included.